Saturday, 16 May 2009

America's Sexiest CEOs

Change didn't just come to the White House this year—it also came to the board room. USA Today recently reported that more women than ever are Fortune 500 CEOs. To celebrate that achievement, we searched the country for beautiful women in charge of companies large and small; women whose good looks and savvy business acumen add a bit of sunshine to an otherwise gloomy economic forecast. Meet our picks for America's sexiest CEOs.

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Who she is: Claire Chambers
CEO of: Journelle, a lingerie retail company
Age: 29
2008 revenue: $2 million
Year founded: 2007

Why she's on top: After spending a few years in the buttoned-up worlds of management consulting and investment banking, she slipped into something a little more comfortable: lingerie. Now she spends her days letting women everywhere know that sexy and sophisticated underthings aren't just for special occasions, they're the kind of luxury they should indulge in every day. We couldn’t agree more.
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Who she is: Kerry Knee
CEO of: Flirty Girl Fitness, a fitness lifestyle company
Age: 38
Number of employees: 120
Year founded: 2005

Why she's on top: A former IT exec and calculus major from Toronto, Kerry—and her sister Krista—opened Flirty Girl Fitness as a social club where women can sweat hard in classes like Hottie Body Boxing and XXX Power Strip, then play hard at the "Flirty Girl Bar" afterward. We're burning calories just thinking about it.
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Who she is: Julie Smolyansky
CEO of: Lifeway Foods; makers of kefir and other specialty dairy products
Age: 33
2008 revenue: $38.7 million
Year founded: 1986

Why she’s on top: Julie became CEO, treasurer and president when her father, the founder, died of a sudden heart attack. She went back to work the next morning, and under her direction the company more than quadrupled its stock price. A fitness junkie, she ends every day with a trip to the gym. It's obvious to us that all her investments are yielding impressive returns.
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Who she is: Teresa Phillips
CEO of: Graspr, a how-to video site
Age: 42
2008 funding: $2.5 million
Year founded: 2006

Why she's on top: As an Army vet, a college hoops player and a consultant on the Strategic Defense Initiative, Teresa had plenty of prep for life as a corporate VP at Yahoo and Time Warner. Now she runs Graspr, a website of how-to videos that teach everything from how to play the piano to how to make Jell-O shots. Before you make any "Oh, I'd grasp her" jokes, we'll remind you that her time in the Army means she can probably take you down hard—in a bad way.
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Who she is: Alyssa Rapp
CEO of: Bottlenotes, a wine shopping/recommendation site
Age: 30
2008 revenue: $750,000
Year founded: 2005

Why she's on top: Alyssa took her passion and knowledge of wine and created Bottlenotes, the Netflix of wine recommendations. Using information like favorite foods or coffee preference, the online wine shop takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect bottle, leaving us more time for drinking. Since she used to be a boutique wine importer, we're sure Alyssa's got enough experience to know exactly what we like.

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Melissa P

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